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Delwar Jahid has been appointed as the Executive Director of Canada-based The Step to Humanity Association.

DHAKA, Nov 21, 2023 (BSS) – Canada-based expatriate journalist and educationist Delwar Jahid has been appointed as the Executive Director of Canada-based international charity organization ‘The Step to Humanity Association.
Founded in 2016, STHA is a registered charity in Canada. The organization is working in different countries of the world, including Canada, on behalf of the underprivileged people of the society from a steadfast commitment to humanity.

Journalist Delwar Jahid’s appointment underscores the organization’s unwavering commitment to responding to the poverty crisis across Asia and Africa, ensuring access to healthcare access to clean water, and empowering unemployed women and youth.
Freedom fighter Delwar Jahid is a popular name for the Bangladeshi community in Canada because he engages himself in any crisis, including human rights and justice, highlighting the position of Bangladesh at the international level.
Delwar Jahid was the president of Comilla Press Club and Comilla Union of Journalists. He started his journalism career in the 1980s as the editor of the Bengali magazine Samajkantha.
Jahid’s diverse background in journalism, academics, and human rights activism equips him with the skills and knowledge to address the critical problem of inequality and injustice prevailing in society. She has consistently achieved success in causes related to poverty alleviation, access to education and healthcare, and the promotion of mental and physical health through various recreational activities, including cultural, sports, and intellectual pursuits.
Moazzem Hossain, General Secretary of the Board of Directors of Step to Humanity Association, said, “The appointment of Delwar Jahid as ‘Executive Director’ is fully aligned with our mission and will be instrumental in us to continue our work in Asia and Africa. We are delighted to have him on the lead.
“Jahid’s leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the further growth and success of the Step to Humanity Association as it strives to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of those in need,” said Masud Rana, another organization official.
This appointment signals a new chapter for STHA, and the company looks forward to advancing its mission under the capable leadership of Delwar Jahid.(Translations from BSS News: )

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